6 Winter Activities to Try Out this Month

Enjoy your winter

In the middle of Winter, it can feel easy to just want to stay indoors all day, curled up by the fireplace.  However, Winter is unique in that some activities can only really be experienced by the colder weather Winter provides.  Below are six activities best experienced in the winter that can be fun for you and your whole family.

  1. Ice Hockey – A beloved classic in America, local hockey rinks have become popular as a way to enjoy this sport and to allow it as a recreational pastime. It is a good choice for those looking for exercise, as well as for anyone that enjoys a competitive team sport.
  2. Ice Skating – Similar to ice hockey, ice skating requires coordination when traversing across a rink of ice, or even a nearby heavily frozen body of water. This activity is perfect for those who enjoy the skating aspect of hockey but prefer something laxer or that can focus on the physical maneuvers they can accomplish while skating.
  3. Sledding – Sledding down a tall hill on a cold winter’s day can be exhilarating and makes the weather worth it for many. This sport is great for the whole family, and is a good physical for parents to monitor and take part in with their young children.
  4. Skiing – Combining the maneuvering aspects of skating with the thrill of moving down a large, winding slope, skiing takes a lot of balance and coordination, but is a rewarding activity to all those who learn it.
  5. Snowmobiling – For those who love to drive terrain vehicles but are hampered by snow, snowmobiling is the answer for them. These vehicles require age and skill to drive, and should only be handled by responsible, legal drivers.  However, nothing quite matches the fun of driving through the snow just for fun.  Remember to wear helmets!
  6. Building a Snowman – Not into anything extreme or requiring skill? Not a problem.  Building a snowman is a timeless family activity that is peaceful, low cost, and be done as close as your backyard.  Be sure to have some hot chocolate when you go in the house after you’re done!
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