Live Cryo Now Open Inside Get Real Weight Loss

Get Real Weight Loss LogoWhole Body Cryotherapy focuses on athletes, pain management, weight loss and overall well-being
WIXOM MICH. (February, 22, 2017) – Get Real Weight Loss has partnered with Live Cryo to add whole body cryotherapy (WBC) to their list of services offered and announces the start of the Cryotherapy Grand Opening Month.

WBC is a method of cold therapy that has been in use throughout Europe and Japan for nearly 40 years as a holistic aid to heal injuries, decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance.  Used by professional athletes in place of an ice-bath, the list of WBC enthusiasts continues to grow as more and more people experience the benefits. From injuries to increased energy levels, slowing the signs of aging and pain reduction to weight loss.

“At Get Real Weight Loss, we focus on supplementing chiropractic care with a comprehensive holistic health program making the addition of Cryotherapy a perfect fit for our facility. There is a benefit for everyone with Cryotherapy and by offering this new service, we can continue to help improve the overall health and well-being of our clients and community,” said Carrie Weiss, owner, Get Real Weight Loss.

Get Real Weight Loss’s cryotherapy services are available for current clients and is open to the public.

“We are excited to add another valuable partner to our list of locations and look forward to working with the team at Get Real Weight Loss to bring Cryotherapy and its extensive range of benefits to more people.  As part of our Grand Opening month, we are offering free cryotherapy sessions at the Get Real Weight Loss location for all new Cryotherapy customers.” said Jeff Yatooma, founder of Live Cryo.


At Weiss Chiropractic/Get Real Weight Loss, we believe that chiropractic care is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program. We offer a variety of services at our facility, including: XRays, Manipulation, Manual Traction, Mechanical Traction, Heat, Massage, Nutrition and Weight Loss Counseling, and Cryotherapy.

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Live Cryo offers whole body cryotherapy through its partner network. Through Live Cryo, WBC has become accessible to the public and is included in locations they frequent from gyms to chiropractors’ offices. Live Cryo utilizes state of the art equipment in a soothing environment. Live Cryo cryotherapy chambers improve athletic performance, reduce pain and improve overall health and wellness. Live Well. Live Cryo.

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