National Gardening Exercise Day

close up of woman hands planting roses in potGet ready to mark your calendars. June 6th is National Gardening Exercise Day. What better way to exercise than by spending time gardening right outside of your own home.

We know what you might be thinking, how can gardening be a form of exercise? Anything that gets your blood moving can be a form of exercising. Still not convinced? Check out these 7 benefits gardening has on your health:

  • Stress relief— Gardening brings a sense of relaxation and therapy. It can also lower the stress hormone Cortisol. Too much cortisol destroys your muscles, bones, slows your body’s healing process, and weakens the immune system. Gardening can help keep your cortisol levels balanced.
  • Improves depression symptoms— Being surrounded by flowers can have a positive impact on your mood. The beauty of nature can make you feel happier and more at peace.
  • Exercise— As you are lifting, plucking, pulling, and planting, you are moving your body. This movement helps stimulate blood flow. With all the different movements you are doing, you are stretching and strengthening your muscles.
  • Burn Calories— According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can burn up to 330 calories gardening for one hour. Imagine how many calories you could burn gardening regularly.
  • Lowers blood pressure— Gardening is a moderate physical activity, which means it can accelerate your heartrate without extreme effort. Gardening a few times per week at 30 minutes a day can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Lowers risk of dementia— A study conducted in Australia among the elderly showed that daily gardening lowered the risk of dementia by 36%.
  • Strengthens Immune System— Gardening gives you exposure to the sun, which will give you your daily dose of Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for calcium intake to promote healthier and stronger bones.

National Gardening Exercise Day is June 6th. Are you ready for 30 minutes to an hour of gardening?

At Live Cryo, we believe in giving you information to help you achieve ultimate wellness and good health. We know these benefits of gardening will bring you lasting health benefits.


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