Top Health & Fitness Gifts for 2017

Top Health & Fitness Gifts for 2017Are you looking to step up your physical activity and overall wellness for 2017? No worries, Live Cryo has you covered. We have taken the time to do some research and compile a list of our favorite health and fitness related gifts for 2017. Thanks to Live Science and Groom and Style for their suggestions. Check out our top 7 picks for health and fitness gifts below. 

  • AVOIN Water Bottle – With this water bottle you can enjoy low-calorie fruit flavored water all you want. Simply load up the infuser in the center of the water bottle with whatever fresh fruit you are craving.
  • Fitlosophy Fitbook – Sure, there are apps and tons of electronic devices that can monitor and track your fitness. However, some people might prefer the old-fashioned method of paper and pencil to track their fitness habits and goals. This convenient notebook contains pages for tracking your fitness goals and logging daily food intake, water, nutrients, and sleep.
  • FitBit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband – If you don’t prefer to track your fitness the old-fashioned way perhaps FitBit is for you. This lightweight, affordable activity tracker will connect to your smart phone and track movement and sleep. Also, the device is splash and sweat resistant.
  • Lumo Lift Posture Coach and Activity Tracker – Constantly monitoring and paying attention to your posture can be hard. That’s where Lumo Lift comes in. Lumo Lift can help you throughout the day and send you gentle nudges when it starts to sense you are slouching.
  • Health Warrior Chia Bars – Chia seeds are loaded with omega fatty acids and protein, to help grow muscles and protect your brain. These colorful bars make for an excellent healthy and nutritious snack for your body.
  • Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mats – These yoga mats are high-quality, famous for beautiful designs and unparalleled grip. These mats will not collapse or tear and provide a super-soft feeling under your feet.

We hope these health and fitness related products help encourage you towards a healthy and active lifestyle. However, we saved the best fitness gift for last. One of the best fitness gifts for 2017 is whole-body cryotherapy.

Don’t believe us? Check out our Why Do It? section on our website and explore the amazing, numerous benefits provided by whole-body cryotherapy. Also, feel free to visit our locations page to find out our closest Live Cryo location near you. Whether buying for yourself or someone you know, whole-body cryotherapy will change the way you approach wellness and fitness forever.

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