Whole Body Cryotherapy Services in Troy, West Bloomfield, Wixom and Clarkston, MI

Whole body cryotherapy is a method through which clients seek relief from a variety of conditions by introducing the body to freezing nitrogen gas for two to three minutes. Studies have shown improvement in musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, anxiety and depression, neurological ailments, skin conditions, and even sleep—essentially, improving overall health and wellness.

Physical Therapy Aid

Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions consist of an individual’s body being surrounded by hyper cooled air (-240*F) below the neck in order to impact the thermal receptors in the outermost thin layer of skin. The resulting effect is a stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems, increased endorphins levels, and hours of pain relief. The anti-inflammatory effects are relaxing and rejuvenating, essentially creating a wellness reset, which has immeasurable effects on one’s overall wellbeing.

Physical Rehabilitation Tool

After an illness or injury, experts agree that whole body cryotherapy is a universal homeostasis-modulating health treatment. The wide-reaching effects of the therapy can help a huge variety of ailments and conditions, from sports training and conditioning to endocrine and autoimmune diseases, to allergic conditions like asthma, to skin and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Athletic Performance Training Program

Athletes are accustomed to waiting between workouts while muscles heal and repair. With whole body cryotherapy, athletes can train again sooner and harder, which accelerates the process of training while driving performance. Executive athletes like Lebron James and people keeping PEAK performance have seen success with the therapy as a part of their fitness and training regimens. The anti-inflammatory effects reverse the negative and painful effects of training, allowing the body to improve endurance and reach higher levels of fitness.

Improved Skin Conditions

Cryotherapy can alleviate conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It reduces inflammation as well as pore size, and in doing so, prevents bacteria from entering the skin. The benefits of whole body cryotherapy cannot be overstated, and the reviews speak for themselves. To learn more about the service or to schedule an appointment, contact us via phone, email, or come in and talk with us!