Cryotherapy in West Bloomfield, Troy, Wixom and Clarkston, MI: Why Do It?

Why expose yourself to temperatures of up to 240 degrees below zero? Not only is Whole Body Cryotherapy invigorating, but it also provides a host of health benefits from pain relief to improved athletic performance to improved sleep.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

The benefits of regular Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions are numerous, improving both mental and physical well-being. Those who regularly visit a cryo chamber burn calories and boost metabolism with each session, which has a substantial impact as a weight loss tool. Cryo aficionados also experience more restful sleep, improved mood, enhanced athletic performance, increased energy, clearer skin, a stronger immune system, and faster healing of injuries, muscle aches, and inflammation. This method of cold therapy has successfully been used by athletes as well as people struggling with chronic pain. This includes those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and similar conditions.

Impact of Cryotherapy

These positive effects aren’t just anecdotal. In a four-year study of 156 rugby players from the Irish Rugby Football Union, 95 percent reported better training and injury recovery after undergoing regular cryotherapy sessions. A 2015 literature review corroborated these results, finding that the therapy is effective in reducing muscle pain and soreness after intense workouts. This type of therapy can safely be used once a day for maximum benefit. While finding a Whole Body Cryotherapy service in your area may once have been challenging, that is no longer the case. Live Cryo is building a network of locations, allowing you to conveniently experience the health benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Professional Whole Body Cryotherapy Enthusiasts

While Whole Body Cryotherapy has been popular in Europe for several decades, cryo chambers started popping up in the USA just in the past few years. Some of the most elite athletes in the world swear by Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions to ease pain and improve performance, including NBA star LeBron James, as well as members of the Phoenix Suns and Denver Broncos. And it’s not just for athletes. Other celebrities who have sung the praises of Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions include talk show hosts Dr. Oz, Kelly Ripa, and Michael Strahan; actress Demi Moore; the contestants on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars; and stars of the Real Housewives reality show franchise.

Lebron James

Phoenix Suns

Whole Body Cryotherapy












Step out of our cryo chamber, and you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized!

The incredible endorphin release you get stays with you for days, even weeks. Whole body cryotherapy significantly decreases muscle inflammation and swelling and mends damaged muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, allowing you to recover more fully and get back in the game faster! As an added benefit, you may burn calories and boost metabolism as your body warms and rejuvenates.

Cryotherapy helps you stay fit, feel great, and perform at your best!

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof!

Health experts and Celebrities are also using Cryotherapy!

Dr. Oz

Good Morning America

Kelly & Michael

ABC News

Real House Wives

Demi Moore

Dancing with the Stars

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